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Pearl SC-40

The Pearl SC-40 is a hybrid drumsynthesizer from 1985 with digital oscillators and analogue filters. It can be controlled by 8 drumpadinputs or Midi.

Instead holding whole drumsamples the oscillators got their sound almost from 1-cycle waveforms, 32 different waveforms are available.

Each voice is made of a strange combination between an oscillator, a noise generator, 3 egs and 2 bandpassfilters, creating a unique sound between early digital synths and analogue Simmons Drums.

SC-40 got a 4 voices at a time, the SC-20 2. The soundstorage is in the drumkits, in which you copy first one of the 128 preset sounds and then you can make your own settings. A drumkit includes 8 pads which means 8 different sounds are available at a time


As a service we provide a PDF with the scanned manual of this drumsynth for downloading (5.3 MB) but all material is copyrighted by Pearl Musical Instrument Co.. If they wanted us to do so, we will delete this PDF.

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Pearl SC-40

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