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Linux and Open Source Software

  • 64 Studio, our favourite Linux distribution
  • Blender, a 3D suite with loads of features
  • Pure Data, a modular multimedia environment for sound. music, video and 3D
  • Csound a modular softwaresynthesizer with a long tradition
  • Ardour, a recording application
  • Cinelerra, a full featured video editing suite
  • Kino, a light video editor, good for grabbing
  • Openoffice, a full office software package with wordprogram, spreadsheet, presentation, database and drawing applications
  • Neooffice, a version of openoffice for MacOSX
  • Abiword, a light text software, feels faster as OpenOffice but lacks some features
  • Gnumeric, a light spreadsheet application.
  • Scribus, a layoutprogram
  • Gimp
  • a vast list of all kind of Linux audio applications, from midisequencer to software synthesizer



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