first person spam (2005)

first person spam installation As an undesired side-effect of the globalization and one of the few businessmodels which survived the hype, unwanted advertisement email services, known as spam, are an important factor of net traffic. More then 60% of the emailflow are spam and although the response rate is in the promille range, it generates enough revenue that even big companies despite of the semi legality uses the services of massmailers. To create and send out millions of electronic letters, massmailercompanies uses often hijacked computers, where Trojans or worms do the dirty work. First Person Spam is my second work about this aspect of modern communication and abuse of infrastructure. I started to collect the most interesting material which I received and construct in this installation a virtual architecture made of spam. This environment is a hell of billboards and reminds of the grassroots activities of anti advertisement agencies of the 60s. more see pdf:

Next showing happens to be in La Motte-Servolex, France on the exhibition spame-moi at La Conciergerie - Art Contemporain which will go from 17.october till 20.dec.2008