Page about filmworks by Malte Steiner, own projects and collaborations:
Meeting Supermann by Hannah Stockmann, acting 2015

Mortgaged Lives by Michelle Teran, sound postproduction mastering 2014

Mototanaka Derive by Michael Lyons, sound track 2014

Lunas Weg by Kristin Mudra, soundtrack and -design 2013

For Those Whose God Is Dead: Acting, sound design 2012
Acting in the upcomming feature of Jeremiah L. Mosese. Some minor sound design for some ambient and mood enhancement. Teaser on vimeo

Floating Matter: CGI and composition 2012
A computer graphic movie I done on my own, in a reverse way. First I had the composition and then I created the computer graphics with Blender and arranged the scenes to the music. Inspired by scientific movies and visualizations.

Floating Matter from Malte Steiner on Vimeo.

IceEngel : Sound design / track 2006
IceEngel is a dark short movie shot by Sven Haeberlein on KinoKabarett 2006 Berlin. For the soundtrack I had more time and I collaborated with Trautonia Capra for the voice.

IceEngel (2006) from Sven Haeberlein on Vimeo.

Wanker: Sound design / track 2006
Conceived and filmed by Zarbel from BeyondThrash on KinoKabarett 2006 Hamburg in less than 48 hours. Meanwhile I made at the Kinokabarett HQ the soundtrack together with Volker Havlik on guitar.