MyArtpiece (2006)

The current trend of the web are community building websites which let the visitors share and rate content over the internet. For instance is for sharing pictures and allows the distribution of homemade videos, two prominent brands of the socalled Web 2.0.

This installation relys on the visitor to share content, not over the web but from his mobile phone via bluetooth. Pictures can be sent to the installation via Bluetooth and in return it sends back a current snapshot of what is shown. The pictures where used to create animated visuals by overlaying and processing but also analysed to create electronic sounds from the content. Each picture acts as graphical notation and the currently used for soundgeneration are accented visually. Technically it is made with a Linuxcomputer with custom software and a bluetooth connector, projection with videoprojector and a soundsystem. It relys on the audience to interact with, so it would be interesting to show it not in an isolated white cube context, it is prefered on public places like in a shopping window/mall to create an intervention and to reach a different audience.

This installation was first shown at Piksel Festival 2006 at Hordaland Kunstsenter 13.-29. october 2006