KulttuuriKauppila Ii 2018

In April and May 2018 Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen and Malte Steiner have been Artist-In-Residency at KulttuuriKauppila in Ii, Finland. During their stay they worked besides their center piece for the exhibition, the videoinstallation Iijoki-suhteet [Iijoki relations], on new paintings, music instruments and compositions, performance art, software, field recordings and online VR worlds.

working on new gestural controllers programmed with OpenCV, running on Raspberry Pis. In the background some of Tina Madsens new images.

From 16. till 29. May they exhibited their works at the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre.

On May 8th both gave a master class at the Oulu Art Museum, talking about artistic mapping with sound, movement and notation. At the end of the residency they performed thier piece Pintajännitys [Surface Tension] with their project TMS in Ii before they moved on to Helsinki for further concerts:

TMS performs their piece Pintajännitys [Surface Tension] at the auditorium at Nättepori in Ii, Finland, 29th May 2018 as part of the Art Ii Biennial 2018 program.

Pintajännitys [Surface Tension] is a live performance electro-acoustic sound piece, where the goal is to enable an immersive listening experience which enhances sonic and environmental awareness. The composition is created by analyzing different material aspects of water, where both field-recordings as well as water which comes directly from Iijoki are used as vital sound sources for electronic manipulation.

The background picture btw. shows the midnight sun, it was taken around 3am in the night