Notstandskomitee: Automatenmusik (2001)

Automatenmusik is the 2001 album by Notstandskomitee. It is available on CD or LP with heavy vinyl but also as MP3 on Bandcamp or at Apple itunes. The first livepresentation happend on 6.10.2001 in the Nervous Center club in Chicaco, USA, concerts in UK and Germany followed.

Vinyl or CD also available direct, email to mktsteiner AT gmail DOT com

The album is made more or less only with Nord Modular synthesizer, sequenced with its own stepsequencers and nearly without overdubs. Here an excerpt from an earlier concert playing Automatenmusik material in Den Haague Netherlands in 2000:

Notstandskomitee playing live at the Nord Modular Day in Den Haague, Netherlands in 2000