Notstandskomitee began as Malte Steiners industrial side project to his work with Das Kombinat in 1991, developing an own style of postindustrial electronic minimal music working with all kinds of electronics, from analogue via digital to softwarebased systems. All booking is handled through booking AT tmkm DOT dk
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The current album is The Doomsday Layout from 2023, available as download or limited edition CD in Digipack. Dystopian, between IDM and Industrial. The soundtrack for these times.
Unstable Release
2021 album released by Subcontinental Records, comes with a musicvideo.
The Quarantine Report
2020 album released by block 4, comes with two musicvideos.
2020 album released by block 4 as a free download to celebrate Malte Steiners 50 birthday, comes with a musicvideo.
2019 album released by the french label Serendip Lab, available on cassette and as download, comes with a musicvideo.
Release Candidate
2018 album released by the french label Serendip Lab, initially available on cassette and as download, cassette is sold out
The Golden Times
2017 album release, only available as download
Age Of Graphene
2014 album release, only available digitally
Thermal Explosion Machining
2011 album release, only available digitally through
Visuals 2011
gallery of visuals for the Notstandskomitee live shows 2011, created with Pure Data and Gem, controlled in realtime from the Csound synthesizer via OSC on the same Linux laptop, so all motions are in sync with the music
some live videos from 2010
Piksel 2007
Pictures from Piksel 2007, Bergen, Norway
Minicomputer Live Software
Technical background of Notstandskomitee 2007 live show, describing the software synthesis and realtime 3D visuals.
concert Sheffield, UK 2003
A video of Notstandskomitee concert in Sheffield, UK in 2003 at The Showroom.
ReEngineered 12 inch with remixes of Automatenmusik by Hamburg artists Jetzmann, Intrauterin Alliance, Rotorik and Xyramat
Automatenmusik is the latest full length CD/ LP by Notstandskomitee
an almost complete list of releases
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