Raspberry Pi research

Here some information about working with the Raspberry Pi platform can be found. Malte Steiner pioneered the usage of that small computing platform in the arts with his project Embedded Artist 2013-2016 with Wolfgang Spahn and continue to use it in exhibitions and concerts like with his project TMS with Tina Mariane Krog Madsen. 

All presented knowledge and schematics are provided as-is, no guarantee is made that it works fault free for you and doesn't burn something. Neither Steiner nor Block 4 is liable for any possible damage caused by following our suggestions and applying it.

Turning the Raspberry Pi into a device
To embed the Raspberry Pi as a device (in many cases headless) requires some preparations. The SD card need to be secured so that the Pi doesn't corrupt it when being turned of by unplugging. Abd of course the custom software needs to be autostarted so it does actually something.
Raspberry Pi i/o
This page discusses i/o options with the Raspberry Pi, shows how to get analog signals in and use it for instance with Pure Data with some custom externals.
Some notes about network addresses on the Pi and how to give a permanent IP