sound synthesis

---Sound Synthesis---

Pure Data
Pages and links about Pure Data
Notstandskomitee Visual Sequencer System
A new open source audiovisual performance system, creating sounds and sequences from images, either stored, fetched from internet or webcam.
Minicomputer Synthesizer
free opensource software synthesizer for Linux by Malte Steiner
Alsa Modular Synthesizer
Recently Steiner became involved into the development of the open source softwaresynthesizer AMS for Linux.
site with information and hints on csound
3Klang Linux synthesizer
3 Klang is a nice subtractive softwaresynthesizer for Linux made by Malte Steiner
MacOSX software synthesizer
An old article showing the transition from Windows to Mac OSX. Meanwhile we feel alienated by Apple too and migrated to Linux anyway, leaving the constrains behind.