Das Kombinat: hybrid exhibition (2010)
hybrid exhibition

Das Kombinat showed new electronic and interactive installations at Einstellungsraum Hamburg from 4. till 26. November 2010. This years topic of Einstellungsraum is hybrid as in hybrid motor. Opening was on 4. November 2010 7:00pm.

Das Kombinat created three installations, one was shown as a videoprojection all night in the window, one in the main room and one hybrid sound installation in the cellar.

Der hybride Fußgänger hardware
About the hardware of the installation Der Hybride Fußgänger
Der hybride Fußgänger software
About the virtual side of installation Der hybride Fußgänger by Das Kombinat
hybrid soundinstallation
about the interactive soundinstallation in the cellar of Einstellungsraum

View from the outside. The blurry squares in the window were screens for the permanent projection.