Realtime visuals with Panda3D

Notstandskomitee at LPM Rome 2013 with Panda3D visuals

The core is the open source Panda3D game engine which can be downloaded for free at

Modeling can be done in Blender, available at

Exporters are available at

Here is the basic fondation which is also used by Notstandskomitee for live visuals. The skript comes under GPL3 license and needs the Panda3D engine to run. Available on several operating systems, to start it is called for example on Mac OSX with the command 


in the terminal in the directory where the Python program lies. It demonstrates OSC recieving without external libraries, controlling scenes and playing of animations. It comes with example files and a Pure Data patch to control it but with OSC it can be controlled with all kind of applications like CSound, Max/MSP, Max4Live, Touchosc and many more.

Download from