block4 research

---3D Engine---

work in progress, the beginning
Article from 2000 on the first experiments with realtime 3D
GPGPU, the future
Choosing a 3D engine
Article about the process of choosing a free open source 3D engine
Realtime visuals with Panda3D
Tutorial to show how to control the Panda3D engine via OSC messages
Blender as batch processor
Blender can be used as an image batch processor
Tips and tricks for ARToolkit. While it is a powerful and easy to use library for programming Augmented Reality applications, the setup is not that convenient. This page helps with getting started on Linux.

---Sound Synthesis---

Notstandskomitee Visual Sequencer System
A new open source audiovisual performance system, creating sounds and sequences from images, either stored, fetched from internet or webcam.
Minicomputer Synthesizer
free opensource software synthesizer for Linux by Malte Steiner
Alsa Modular Synthesizer
Recently Steiner became involved into the development of the open source softwaresynthesizer AMS for Linux.
site with information and hints on csound
3Klang Linux synthesizer
3 Klang is a nice subtractive softwaresynthesizer for Linux made by Malte Steiner
MacOSX software synthesizer
An old article showing the transition from Windows to Mac OSX. Meanwhile we feel alienated by Apple too and migrated to Linux anyway, leaving the constrains behind.

---Pure Data---

videomapping in PD
research of videomapping with PD and Gem, complete with downloadable abstractions
pure data lab
pure data lab was hold 2. August 2009 at Unlimited Liability Hamburg, Germany. Not replacing a whole workshop but more as temporary media lab for exploring the possibilites of pd.
external url at about Malte Steiners Pure Data workshop
Pure Data main page
Pure Data community page with Downloads, infos, patches and more

---Raspberry Pi---

Turning the Raspberry Pi into a device
To embed the Raspberry Pi as a device (in many cases headless) requires some preparations. The SD card need to be secured so that the Pi doesn't corrupt it when being turned of by unplugging. Abd of course the custom software needs to be autostarted so it does actually something.
Raspberry Pi i/o
This page discusses i/o options with the Raspberry Pi, shows how to get analog signals in and use it for instance with Pure Data with some custom externals.
Some notes about network addresses on the Pi and how to give a permanent IP

---Hardware synthesizer and studio equipment---

How to change the memory batteries of synthesizers
Pearl SC-40
Download the manual of the Pearl SC-40 drumsynthesizer


preparing netbook
some hints about preparing a netbook to run an art installation